Money, work needed for pool to open

By Tova Fruchtman:Quay County Sun

Without work and money, the Tucumcari pool will not be able to open this summer.

The city manager reported to the city commission at their meeting Thursday that the pool leaked 3,000 gallons of water during 24 hours after filling it.

“It’s not looking very good for the swimming pool this summer,” Primrose said. “We need to get some money.”
Primrose said in order to fix the pool, the concrete around it will have to be torn up, and the pipes will have to be replaced.

Mayor Pro Tem Antonio Apodaca said that the city shouldn’t wait for state money to fix the pool.

“That’s a local problem, and we should be looking at local solutions,” he said.

Robert Lamm, of the Tucumcari Elks Lodge, was at the meeting to request the city’s usual co-sponsorship of July 4 fireworks. When he heard about the pool problem, he will do his best to see what the Elks can contribute.

Charlie Sandoval, who was at the meeting to give a presentation on the city’s water department, also addressed the issue of the community pool.

He said the water department has been working on fixing leaks in the pool for about 10 years.

The pool was built in 1977 and the copper pipes are being eaten away by chlorine, so in order to fix the leaks, the pipes need to be replaced.

James Witcher, said he was impressed by Lamm’s proposal, and hoped others might join him.
He quoted President John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?”

“It would be so much better if we all pulled together,” he said.

Other issues discussed at the meeting:
• The city will have a meeting to discuss leasing water to Ute Lake Ranch at 3:30 p.m. on May 11.
• The city approved a contract with Portales based law firm Doerr and Knudson P.A. for part-time services. The firm was the only one to bid for the contract.
• The commission approved giving $2,000 towards the July 4 fireworks put on by the Tucumcari Elks Lodge No. 1172. The commissioners thanked the Elks for all they do in the community.
•Sandoval gave a presentation about the Tucumcari Water Department.
He said the water department works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If citizens have a problem not during regular office hours, they can call the police department, and ask a dispatcher to contact the water department employee on call. The commissioners thanked Sandoval and him employees for their work.
•The commission voted to sponsor the area senior citizens centers.