‘Grade A’ students honored

It was a night when Tucumcari school officials honored the “cream of the crop” of middle school and high school students. Parents were on hand as well Friday evening at the Holiday Inn for a banquet in honor of 13 middle school and high school students who made all A’s for the first three nine weeks grading period.

Seventh grader Corrinne Lauriault said it is simply a love of learning that allowed her to make all A’s.

“Some students don’t understand why I try so hard in my studies, but when they don’t understand, it just makes me want to try even harder, “ said Lauriault. “I want to be a chemist or an astronomer. Space just fascinates me.”

High school freshman Caitlyn Romero also made all A’s and said she’s already got a college picked out. She said English is her favorite subject, but her career will follow another path.

“I want to be a vet,” Romero said. “I want to go to Kansas State because they have a really good veterinary program.”
Eighth grader Ashley Lopez has been undergoing cancer treatment and attends school when she’s feeling well. Still, she’s managed to get all A’s.

“I have a lot of teachers who have helped me,” Lopez said. “I also get money from my parents for good grades. I try to compete against my brother.”

High School junior Clay Beevers has balanced an Advanced Placement curriculum with his participation on the school’s golf team on his way to making all A’s.

“You have to balance academics and athletics, but academics always comes first,” Beevers said. “Most students at the high school want to do well, so they are proud of me doing well.”

Former Tucumcari High School teacher Lucy Nials gave a short motivational talk to students and parents alike at the banquet.

“You have to be happy with who you are, with where you are and with what you are,” Nials told the crowd. “Only you can determine if you are happy.”

Nials emphasized that a positive attitude is vital to success. She also said making all A’s should not be a hard task if one keeps positive and does the necessary preparation.
“When you are positive, people are going to want to be around you,” she said.

Superintendent of schools William Reents summed up what is expected of this year’s over-achievers.

“You are the leaders of tomorrow,” he told the students.