Hung jury in trial

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

– Prosecutors express disappointment in outcome.

The retrial of Kyle Evetts on child-molestation charges ended in a hung jury Friday. Prosecutor Donald Schutte said he was unsure whether the state could try Evetts again.

“We will meet with the judge next week to decide if we can try the case again,” Schutte said. “If we did try the case again it would probably have to be moved to another jurisdiction because too many people in the area know Kyle Evetts.”

Tenth Judicial District Judge Ricky D. Purcell said if prosecutors wished to try the case again, he would have to decide whether another trial would take place.

“I’m not aware of many cases going to a third trial,” Purcell said. “I would have to decide if another trial would be constitutionally permissible.”

Judge Purcell said he could not disclose what other specific factors would enter into his decision-making process should the state seek another trial.

Neither Evetts nor his attorney, Hal Greig, wished to comment after the trial.

Evetts faced nine counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The charges stemmed from a young woman’s claims that Evetts had touched her inappropriately over a nine-year period during her childhood.

The previous trial of Evetts also ended in a hung jury.
Prosecutor Nancy English said she was very disappointed after the second hung jury.

“I can’t say right now what I want to say about this case,” she said.