Scholarships awarded

Seniors, parents, teachers and organization representatives gathered at Tucumcari High School Auditorium Thursday night to present scholarships to outgoing Rattlers.

From teary-eyed presenters giving in memory of family to long lists of graduates given scholarships to state colleges, the senior class was offered a total of $352,808.

“It’s a time that we’re able to honor students who have gone up and above achievements,” Tucumcari High School
Principal Gary Salazar said. He emphasized how grateful the city should be for the support seniors get.

“The community of Tucumcari is very generous. They provide a great deal of money to our youth,” he said.
The following scholarships were awarded during the ceremony:

Mesalands Community College — Mark Martinez, Samantha Evans.

BPO Does — Jennifer Maestas, Autumn Moore.
Rod David Memorial — Rachel Calbert, Reyna Banuelos, Jennifer Maestas.

David and Sylvia York Memorial — Nickolaus Wiegel.
Entre Nous — Maylene Garcia, Alisha Craine.

AJ Moya Memorial — Rachel Calbert, Erica Sandoval, Samantha Taylor, Jennifer Maestas, Amanda Tapia.
Veterans of Foriegn Wars Post No. 2528 — Theresa Encinias, Jennifer Maestas.

VFW Ladies Post No. 2528 Auxillary — Rachel Calbert, Andrew Cardona, Mark Martinez, Amanda Tapia.
New Mexico Credit Union — Danny Benavidez, Reyna Banuelos

Quay County MCCH — Danny Benavidez.

Tucumcari Masonic Lodge — Jennifer Maestas, Rachel Calbert.

Mark Bannister Memorial — Amanda Tapia.

DECA — Erica Sandoval, Samantha Taylor, Olga Acosta, April Apodaca, Chris Eccles, Jacob Otero, Matt Tapia, Lyndsey Teakell.

THS Science Club – Paola Banuelos.
Porky & Betty Jean Memorial — Autumn Moore, Jennifer Maestas.

Farmer’s Electric Coop. — Samantha Taylor, Reyna Banuelos, Mark Martinez.

Quay County Farm & Livestock Bureau — Anna-Maria Bauler.

Altrusa International of Tucucmcari — Anna-Maria Bauler.

Vic Breen Memorial — Nickolaus Wiegel.

Steve Legion Memorial —Steven Taylor.

Red Earth Studio — Anna-Maria Bauler.

Citizens Bank — Autumn Moore.

Del’s Restaurant — Rachel Calbert.

Southwest Kiwanis Distribution Foundation — Samantha Evans.

New Mexico Education Council — Nickolaus Wiegel, Mark Martinez.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund — Rachel Calbert.

Briar Cliff University —Nickolaus Wiegel.

Regis University — Amanda Tapia.

College of the Southwest —Jacob Otero, Samantha Evans, Alisha Craine.

University of New Mexico: Bridge to Success — Ben Arenas, Reyna Banuelos, Harsh Patel, Steven Taylor, Lyndsey Teakell, Nickolaus Wiegel.

Eastern New Mexico University — Matthew Braziel, Christopher Burnip, Rachel Calbert, Alisha Craine, Krystal Molinas, Crystal Parra, Amanda Tapia.

New Mexico State University — Anna-Maria Bauler, Rachel Calbert, Amanda Tapia, Nickolaus Wiegel, Benjamin Arenas, Paola Banuelos, Reyna Banuelos, Marlena Murphy, Harsh Patel.

Western State College Colorado —Chris McCasland.