Elementary students participate in a Pee Wee Track Meet

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

SAN JON — More than 100 elementary-school students from San Jon, Grady, House and Amistad competed in the annual Pee Wee Track Meet on Friday at San Jon High School.

Parents cheered their children on to the finish line in events that included the 100-yard dash and relay races. A few parents had to console children who were disappointed at not winning, but having fun and making new friends was the final outcome for most of the pee wee athletes.
Kindergartner D.C. Lee of San Jon was confident before the 220 run.

“I’m very fast, I think I can win,” he said.

One group of youngsters ran twice around San Jon’s track. Some adults were amazed, wondering if they themselves could perform such a feat.

Joni Lampley, a fifth-grader at Grady, said she won a number of events at the 2004 meet, including the shot put.
“You just have to heave it up and throw it out,” Lampley said. “I’m just competing for fun.”

Lampley said she practices running frequently.

“I’m always running away from my brother,” she said.
The track meet signals the end of the school year for the children. Lampley’s mother, Dawn, said the track meet gives families from the region a chance to get to know one another.

“It brings the families together and the kids get to meet kids from the other schools,” she said. “The competition here isn’t as important as it is in a regular school basketball game.”

After the track meet, athletes and family members had a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs.