County commissioner dies

By William Thompson: Quay County Sun

Family and friends mourn death of public servant.

Quay County Clerk Ellen White described her as “a friend to everybody.”

“We’ve been getting calls in the county clerk’s office from people from all over the state wanting to know about Grace,” White said.

Quay County Commissioner Grace Madrid died Wednesday in Albuquerque following an extended illness. She was 54.
Services are scheduled for 10 a.m. today at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Tucumcari.

Madrid was one year into her second four-year term as a county commissioner. Alex Madrid said his wife was a hands-on public servant.

“She helped bring the wind farms to House and San Jon,” Madrid said, ”and she was adamant in her support for the Quay County Public Health Clinic. She wanted the less fortunate to have adequate health care.”

Alex Madrid said during his wife’s last days, people lined up outside her hospital room to wait for a visit with her. He said his wife had a way with the public.

“We were both public people. That’s probably what attracted us to each other,” Madrid said. “We had a love relationship for 28 years. It’s a little heart-wrenching for me, but I’ve got lots of friends and family around me right now.”

Friends and family gathered at a local residence Thursday evening to console one another and reflect on the woman who lived in the Tucumcari area most her life, graduating
from Tucumcari High School in 1969.

Paula Chacon was a close friend.
“She lit up the room when she walked in,” Chacon said, trying to fight back tears. “She found no wrong in anyone. She wanted to do good for everyone in the county. She sat on so many boards and worked with people at the state level all the time. She also helped bring the food commodities distribution back to Tucumcari.”

Madrid was a member of the National Association of Counties and a member of the New Mexico Board of Mental Health.