City forming softball leagues

QCS Staff

The deadline for registering for Tucumcari’s summer softball leagues is Monday. Tucumcari’s recreation director Scott Simpson said he expects a number of teams to wait until the last minute to register.

“We will have three leagues, a women’s league, men’s league and a co-ed league,” Simpson said. “The registration fee is $300 per team.”

Simpson said teams will get their money’s worth.
“We have more than 100 people attending these games,” he said, “and our two fields are in excellent condition after all the rain we’ve had.”

Last year 23 teams (about 400 players) participated. Simpson said he expects at least as many this year.

Simpson said a pre-season seeding tournament will ensure teams are on “pretty equal footing” when league play begins later this month.
“The men’s team, ‘KAOS’ has won the league the past nine years, but most teams are capable of winning,” Simpson said. “Some teams just play to have fun.”

The softball is a little smaller and softer for the women’s leagues, but Simpson said there are plenty of women capable of hitting well in the co-ed leagues against male pitchers.

“It’s slow pitch,” he said. “The ball has to arch 3 to 10 feet in the air as it travels from the pitcher’s mound to home plate.”
People attending games are welcome to tailgate in the parking lot and Simpson said picnic tables with canopies contribute to a good-time atmosphere at games.

“Concession stands will be available at games with drinks, nachos and hot dogs and stuff like that,” Simpson said.


Summer softball registration
– Call 461-1647 by Monday to register a team for the summer softball league. A call to city hall at 461-3451 will also get you in contact with recreation officials.