Aggie makes return despite harsh weather

I, Aggie, am in charge of the computer this week because I sent the slave to the south forty to look for her mind, and she won’t be back for ages because she won’t find it there. Besides, I haven’t had a chance to visit with my fan club for months and need to impart a few words of wisdom.
Actually I have been hiding in my safe corner a lot because I’m a little afraid of storms and get excited when the wind blows. The slave calls me a chicken when I run to that corner, but I know I am the only one in the house who is safe and am not about to leave such a place until all is quiet. Sometimes, she tries to coax me out by promising me special treats, but after she did that the second time and didn’t give me anything but a few bits of dog kibbles, I no longer pay much attention to her comments. I may be a chicken, but I’m not a dumb dog!
I still con her into taking me for Sunday afternoon drives, but she is the real chicken and won’t let me walk very far because she is afraid of rattlesnakes. We used to walk across pastures so I could gather a lot of news from the livestock, but she now makes me walk on dirt roads so she can see where we are going. Besides that, she keeps me on a short leash most of the time and makes me return to the car in a hurry if she even hears a little rustle in the weeds. She really could just stay in the car and let me do the walking, but she has the idea I won’t come back when she calls. She could be right as i might just keep on going and hope that she would follow.
Watching her become excited in our own back yard is my major entertainment these days. Now that the vines have grown and spread, I have found all sorts of new hiding places and just enjoy seeing her dashing around the yard in search of her favorite boss. I let her call and worry until I get bored and then try to show up behind her as if to say I have been there all along. She tends to get a little wilder after dark and sometimes carries a flashlight while she is searching. That is real fun unless she shines it in my direction, and then I get a little scared because she has told me how dangerous the beams from flashlights are.
I don’t know whether they will hurt or not, so I come out of hiding before a beam hits me.
Lately, she has come to her senses a little and goes into the yard with a treat in her hand. She knows I can’t resist a bite of chicken jerky and just waves that around until I decide to try to take it away from her. She won’t let me have it until we are inside the house and then breaks it into tiny pieces so I’ll have to search for each tidbit. She really can be very cruel.
Now that the summer heat has returned, I’m going back to try to trick her into taking us for early-morning drives on Sunday so we won’t have to be roasted even on a short walk. I think I will be able to do that soon because she made me share my bottle of water with her last week and was sitting around sweating after our 30-foot walk. Maybe she will take me into the irrigation project now that the water is in the ditches.
She took me to a little ditch on our very first ride and let me feel how cool the water was and then became upset because I rolled in the mud. I’d like to do some wading again. If you see her, you might suggest that she let me do just a little playing in the water and that she take a towel or two if she doesn’t want mud all over the car.
I see her returning but can tell she hasn’t found her mind yet. I’ll try to send her on another search in a few weeks so we can visit again.
Until then, this is Aggie signing off.