Meeting set to discuss animal ID

QCS Staff

The New Mexico Livestock Board, in conjunction with New Mexico State University, will hold a meeting at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Tucumcari Convention Center for area livestock owners.
The meeting is designed to let livestock owners know about the New Mexico Animal ID Project, according to Pete Walden, NMSU’s county extension agent.
“The New Mexico Animal ID Project is part of the National Animal Identification Program, which will be required for all livestock owners nationwide by January 2008,” he said. “The meeting will offer livestock owners the chance to get their premises number registered. The premises number will be the actual physical address of the headquarters of the ranch.”
Walden explained the importance of having a premises number registered.
“The purpose is to be able to trace an infected animal back to its source,” he said. “It’s to help stop the spread of diseases like BSE (mad cow), foot-mouth disease and tuberculosis.”
A press release from NMSU said the animal ID effort “is an effort to improve bio-security and, in the event of an infectious animal disease discovery, trace livestock back to their origin within 48 hours.”
Walden said it may be possible at the meeting to have one’s premises number fully registered “or at least get the information into the system.”