New pool bid significantly lower

QCS Staff

Tucumcari City Manager Richard Primrose told city commissioners Thursday the city has received an estimate for repairs to the city pool that is far lower than previous estimates.
The latest estimate is about $90,000, Primrose said. Previous estimates had ranged as high as $200,000. The city will now advertise for bid proposals for the repair work, he said.
“We are currently negotiating with the New Mexico Finance Authority for a loan to cover all or most of the cost of the repairs,” Primrose said.
But Primrose’s assistant, Clara Rey, said the city is still operating under the assumption that the pool will not reopen this summer.
“The repairs will take a long time and we want the repairs to be done right,” she said.
In other city government news, city commissioners approved ordinance changes concerning city employees. The probationary period for new employees will now be one year instead of the current six months. That means a newly hired city employee will have to wait at least one year to receive a pay raise.
Also, insurance benefits for new city employees will not be offered until the employee has completed three months of service. Previously, city employees were offered insurance benefits upon being hired.