Congratulations always worth bringing up

By Lynn Moncus

Whenever we receive good news about Tucumcari High graduates, we need to share in order to show how pleased we are with their accomplishments and to let them know that our hometown pride is still alive and well.
Margaret Lee Elliott Hoffman received the 2005 Employee of the Year Award for the office of solicitor general in Arizona. Attorney General Terry Goddard presented the award and was obviously pleased to do so as shown by his broad smile when he handed it to her.
From what she has said about some of her duties in that office, she really enjoys her work and obviously is appreciated by those with whom and for whom she works.
Margaret Lee was an outstanding student in my classes and has become an outstanding citizen in the succeeding years. She has also become a close friend of this former teacher and brightens this corner with her weekly letters.
She even sends pictures in those letters; thus, we have great fun exchanging pictures along with the weekly news.
Of course, she writes about her best friend, Smokey the cat, while I write about Aggie and her latest antics.
She also provides the latest news about her brothers and discusses her latest activities.
The subjects of our letters are as varied as are our lives and give each of us an opportunity to write whatever comes to mind in order to blow off a little steam and just to share our thoughts. Sometimes we are rather serious, but we both seem to try to include some humor in order to provide reason for laughter and release from tension that might be building.
Because she graduated from the University of New Mexico and I from New Mexico State University, we often make a few remarks about the Lobos and Aggies. She tries to be kind when the Lobos leave the Aggies in their dust, and I try to make a lot of noise during the few times the Aggies come out ahead.
Of course, I had many favorable remarks to make when her niece, Heather, decided to attend NMSU and to break family tradition. We’ll have more fun with that subject as time passes.
Although Margaret Lee knows much about computers and all the attending gadgets, she is most patient with her former teacher as I stumble along, wondering which button to press. When she writes about her frustrations over various programs, I just sit back and relax because I can’t begin to fathom how she accomplishes all she does while working on huge projects. I go to pieces while writing this column or a letter and would simply head for the canyons were I to have to cope with the legal papers that cross her desk. She even reads this column on the Internet before her newspaper finally reaches Phoenix and comments when she is particularly pleased by some remark or subject.
Many of our THS graduates have done very well and we are always glad to hear about any of their accomplishments. Each deserves our congratulations, and I surely want to say, “Congratulations, Margaret Lee!”