City to receive grant money

QCS Staff

Quay County Manager Terry Turner has nothing but praise for his procurement coordinator, Christine Moriel. Word was received recently that the county will receive $184,800 in grant money thanks to Moriel.
Turner said the county had already spent the money on renovations to the Quay Community Center. A deadline had passed to get reimbursement from the New Mexico Department of Finance Authority, but Moriel was able to submit grant applications and pages and pages of supplemental information, which swayed the finance authority to reimburse the county for the full amount.
“We had to send in three separate applications and all the details had to be just right,” Moriel said. “If you had only one minor error on the application, it was rejected.”
Moriel said there were times she wanted to cry, the application process was so grueling. She had to account for all check stubs and receipts much like an accountant would even though she had no previous accouting experience.
“I spent more than 400 hours on this,” Moriel said. “I’m glad to save the county money.”
Turner said Moriel’s commitment helped the county’s bottom line immensely.
“This is money we have at the end of the fiscal year,” Turner said. “It goes into our general fund. Christine was just an administrative assistant in February 2004 but I saw she had the aptitude to work on grant applications so I made her the procurement coordinator. She basically had to sink or swim and she wound up swimming.”