Man arrested on breaking and entering charge

QCS Staff

Felipe Moreno, 41, a resident of Villa Inn apartments on East Main Street, was arrested in the Villa Inn’s parking lot about 2:30 a.m. Friday. Tucumcari police charged him with one count of breaking and entering, criminal trespass and concealing identity, according to police records.
About 2 a.m. Tucumcari police received a call from Gene Youngblood of Villa Inn Apartments. Arresting officer Clay Huffman filed a probable cause report with Quay County Magistrate Court. In his report, Huffman stated Youngblood said he woke up to find a man climbing through his bedroom window.
“Gene (Youngblood) stated that he asked him what he was doing, Gene then stated the individual stood up and walked away from his room and headed east across the parking lot,” Huffman stated in his report.
Huffman said he later made contact with Moreno outside Moreno’s apartment.
“Upon investigation we checked Felipe’s boot prints and noticed they were the same boot impressions near Gene’s room,” Huffman stated. “I made contact with Gene Youngblood who positively identified Felipe as the person trying to gain access through his window.”
Moreno was expected to be arraigned in Quay County Magistrate Court on Friday afternoon, according to court officials.