More powder-filled envelopes found

QCS Staff

Employees of the Tucumcari Post Office found three envelopes inside the facility Sunday morning containing a suspicious powder. The powder is similar to that found in two envelopes in a June 20 incident, according to FBI special agent and media spokesperson Bill Elwell.
Elwell said the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into all five envelopes. He said the original two envelopes contained a substance that is not biologically or chemically harmful. He said preliminary tests on the powdery substance in the latest three envelopes have determined the substance to be non-hazardous as well.
“You have an articulated threat here,” Elwell said. “Someone is putting this mail into the system with the intent of creating mayhem.”
The post office opened as usual Monday morning and Elwell said the public should feel safe despite the incidents.
“The employees secured the area and prevented the substance from getting into other areas of the post office,” Elwell said. “We know what the substance was in the first two envelopes but we are not disclosing what that substance was. The substance in the latest envelopes is similar to the substance in the first two envelopes.”
Elwell said the FBI is not disclosing the intended recipient or recipients of the five envelopes. The post office was closed for several hours on June 20 while authorities secured the area.