Police chief settles in

QCS Staff

Tucumcari Police Chief Larry Ham, who took over June 21, said he likes the attitiude of his officers and various community members he’s met recently.
”We have a lot of good officers here,” Ham said. “Their hearts and minds are in it and with a little training and better equipment I think we’re going to have an outstanding police department. I’ve met with business leaders and other community members and everyone is saying they want a positive relationship with the police department.”
Ham said the only negative he has experienced so far is being away from his wife who is still tying up loose ends in Silver City where Ham was an officer for 13 years.
Ham said things have been fairly quiet on the crime-fighting front lately.
“There has been a decline in vandalism, not as many cases have been reported,” he said. “I haven’t seen any major crime here yet, except for the suspicious envelopes at the post office, but no one was hurt in that incident. Officers have been responding to calls every day, but nothing major has happened yet.”
Ham said he is commited to providing more police information to the public.
“One of my goals is to provide as much information as I can to the public through the newspaper and radio,” he said. “I think it’s important for the public to know what the police department is doing. I welcome any recommendations from members of the community.”
Ham said he is looking forward to upcoming events in town, including the Route 66 celebration and the Rattler Reunion.