Puppet show entertains youths

By William Thompson

About 75 youngsters and their parents were entertained by a puppet show Wednesday at the Elks Lodge. The show, sponsored by Altrusa and the Tucumcari Public Library, featured puppet master Markie Scholz.
“I make all the puppets myself,” Scholz said. “I give about 50 shows in June and July. I get inspiration while driving. Last night a fox ran across the road and I wondered what would a fox say if it could talk.”
The show, called “The Quest for the Junkyard Dragon,” featured a princess in search of a dragon who can help relieve her of a spell put on her by an evil queen. The princess was under a spell of forgetting and had to ask members of the audience to refresh her memory from time to time.
The children in the audience were happy to shout out helpful information to the princess.
“I liked the dragon,” said Katrina Smith. “I think he looked funny and sounded funny. He wasn’t very scary.“
Jasmine Hernandez, 5, was ready to cover her eyes when she heard the dragon’s voice before it appeared. She relaxed as the dragon’s true character emerged.
“I was happy. The princess had to find the dragon so she could defeat the queen,” Hernandez said. “I’d like to be a dragon.”
Giovanni Marquez said he preferred seeing a puppet show to seeing a movie.
“It’s neat how you can make the puppets talk with your hands,” he said.
Scholz said her shows usually run about 45 minutes and she creates all the characters and the story lines. She said her current show is a revival of a show from 15 years ago.
“This story is about how children have it within themselves to save themselves,” Scholz said. “Good always conquers over evil.”