Daughter’s memory motivates Mom to help


For some, it’s just a good way to clean out the garage. For one Tucumcari woman, it’s a labor of love for a good cause.
“I am not doing this garage sale for profit. I am doing it to benefit kids who have cancer in local (Albuquerque area) hospitals,” said Elizabeth Knott.

Knott said her first three sales held earlier this summer netted nearly $200 with which she promptly bought toys for kids. She said she is holding another sale Friday and Saturday and hopes to have one more after that before the end of the month.

The former Wisconsinite lost her 9-year-old daughter Rosie to cancer in 1996. Her daughter’s memory has motivated her to gather toys for kids with cancer.

“Rosie liked to give her toys to less fortunate kids,” Knott said.

Knott’s garage sale, held at her home at 1902 S. 3rd, is typical in that she plans to offer old furniture, clothes and knickknacks. The difference is that she plans to use any money she makes to purchase toys and games for children with cancer. She’s also accepting donations of toys and games.

Knott said her daughter was like other 9-year-olds who liked to ride bikes and play games. “Rosie was a bubbly kid and always liked to laugh,” Knott said.

It’s in Rosie’s memory that Knott, along with Mental Health Resources in Tucumcari, will fill a van with toys to take to Albuquerque-area hospitals.

“I have tried something like this in Wisconsin, but I am looking forward to trying this in New Mexico for the first time,” Knott said.

Knott said her efforts at gathering donations have already paid off.

“I have gotten stuffed animals, puzzles … I bought some crayons, coloring books and radio controlled cars,” she said.

Anyone donating toys should sterilize them first, she said.
“Toys given to kids with cancer need to be cleaned really well or be brand new,” Knott said.

Knott hasn’t gone at this project alone. Susie Moore of Tucumcari is helping.

“I have donated a lot of stuff as well as helped Elizabeth with picking up items from people when she has been unable to do it,” Moore said.

Moore said she’s spoken with numerous area residents supporting the project.

Knott said people who want to donate money instead of toys can do so, though such donations are not tax deductible.
“Any money I receive will go into a jar, then it will be handed over to a hospital to use for the kids with cancer,” Knott said.