7/27 Police Blotter

Here is a sampling of recent calls received by Tucumcari police. According to the reports:

• At 11:02 a.m., a female reported someone trying to start a fire near her home on South Third Street. Police arrived to find fireworks started a small fire in her yard.
• At 12:47 p.m., a female called to report a verbal threat from the driver of a sport utility vehicle. Police arrived to find the driver left the scene and advised the female to wait awhile then go on her way.
• At 6:26 p.m., a female reported a stolen vehicle last seen on Third Street. Police recovered the vehicle at a retail store.
• At 9:09 p.m., a female called to report a suspicious subject on East McGee. Police arrived and arrested the male on a municipal warrant and possession of drug paraphernalia.
• At 1:40 a.m., police witnessed a driver driving left of the center line on Third Street. The male driver was arrested for aggravated DWI.
• At 8:45 a.m., a male reported a breaking and entering that occurred on South Third Street sometime since May. A back door was kicked in and the house ransacked. Dishes, furniture and a broken TV were reported missing.
• At 9:53 a.m., a male called to report a child’s bicycle was left in his back yard on South Fourth Street. Police went to investigate and found the caller was not at home.
• At 10:50 a.m., a male called to report an unwanted subject at a diner. Police arrived and told the subject to move on.
• At 1:42 p.m., a male came to the station to report a stolen bicycle. Officer told him he would check the pawn shops on Monday.
• At 4:08 p.m., police saw a male trespassing near a motel and arrested him.
• At 4:29 p.m., a possible breaking and entering in progress was reported. Police arrived to find nothing missing.
• At 4:48 p.m., an unknown male called police to South Sixth Street for a disruption. A juvenile was found arguing with his mother’s boyfriend.
• At 5:03 p.m., possible shots were reported at an apartment complex. Officers determined no shots were fired and noise was caused by possible nearby construction.
• At 6:16 p.m., a male called to report harassment on South First Street. Police said it was a civil matter, not criminal.
• At 6:50 p.m., a male called to report an unwanted subject rooting through his trash on South Monroe. Police arrived to find a transient; told him to move on.