Credit union gets face lift

By QCS Staff

What started in 1954 as a group of Tucumcari guys in somebody’s kitchen has blossomed into a thriving group of hundreds of customers at a viable section of Route 66.

Specifically, the group of guys were Southern Pacific Railway workers who met to come up with ways to help save money and get loans at lower rates.

Hence, the S.P. Railway Employees Federal Credit Union was born.

Tucumcari residents of late may have noticed yet another transformation of the credit union taking place at 505 E. Route 66 Blvd. Since late last year, the building at that site — which was modeled after the railroad depot where the union once had its office — has a new paint job, a spacious new interior and exterior and lots of artwork, said CEO Andi Baum.

That’s not the only change that’s gone on since Baum came on board in February 2001. Under Baum’s direction, the union has implemented the debit card, audio response, Internet home banking, electronic bill pay, a children’s saving club and more, according to a release from the company.

Oh yes, and the name had been changed. In the late 1990s, when the union moved from Tucumcari to Dalhart, Texas, for a brief spell, S.P. Railway Employees Federal Credit Union became Everyone’s Federal Credit Union (EFCU), said Baum, “to better reflect the membership.”

Folks can see changes for themselves at EFCU’s open house on Aug. 6.

“Everything about us is home grown,” said Baum, referring to the 11 Tucumcari employees, one of whom, Kristine Husman, is the daughter of a chartering member.

The furniture, fixtures and artwork, too, is from local artists, said Baum, adding she adored picking out each and every piece.