Fire stations recruiting volunteers

By Ryn Gargulinski: Quay County Sun

Area fire departments have their sirens blaring for some basic necessities, according to Quay County Fire Marshal Donald Adams at Monday’s Quay County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The biggest alert goes out for volunteers, Adams said. While the county has about 250 volunteers, “they’re not always there when you need them,” Adams said and more are needed to staff nine main stations, five substations and one administration station scattered across the area.
Quay County has large rural patches of dry grass, Adams said. “We’re just in a time bomb waiting to go off, so to speak,” Adams said.

In addition, Adams said the county would benefit to move the status of the substations into main stations. For this they need three trucks and 12 people in each location. More main stations, Adams said, would mean qualification for more state funds to buy a larger selection of equipment and more new trucks.

Although District 1 was recently graced with a new canary yellow Class A pumper, some are still in need, Adams said. The community of Jordan is requesting a similar truck for its district, one that holds 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of water, Adams said.

Adams said pumpers must get tested every year to ensure proper working conditions. Thus he also requested the county consider building a pump pit for about $50,000. This underground concrete vessel would hold some 30,000 gallons of water and include a cooling system so the water could be filtered through the trucks to test their capabilities.
Quay fire trucks currently have to travel to Clovis, home of the nearest pump pit, to get their trucks tested. Adams said this poses a danger if a large fire were to erupt while a truck is out of town.

“Besides,” Adams added, “a pump pit in Quay County would mean we had 30,000 gallons of water right there in storage, ready for use.”

Quay County Manager Terry Turner and the three county commissioners at the meeting noted Adams’ requests and his performance in his new role as county fire marshal.
“With his (Adams’) lead we’re just looking better,” Turner said.