Quay County will receive more than it spends this year


This year the $6 million that will come into Quay County is more than the county will spend, according to County Manager Terry Turner at Monday’s final budget review.
In addition to discussing any revisions before sending the 2005-2006 proposed budget to Santa Fe, Turner and three county commissioners detailed the bottom line: Quay’s projected budgeted revenue was $6,092,899 while budgeted expenditures weighed in at $5,578,661.
“Last year these figures were upside-down.” said Turner, “so we were not able to give county employees a raise, but this year everyone got a five percent across-the-board raise.”
In fiscal year 2004-2005, budgeted revenues were $5.9 million and budgeted expenditures were $6.1 million, he said.
“Our biggest savings has been in the privatization of solid waste disposal,” Turner said. “We no longer have to endure that loss.”
Few expense changes were reported since the last budget review two weeks ago except for an expected $4,000 increase in gasoline for county road maintenance. However, Turner said, an additional $9 million this year and from $18-20 million next year can be expected in land valuation from 60 lots at the new Ute Lake project.

Examples of Quay County budgeted expenditures
• County Roads — $1,226,983
• Hospital — $180,000
• Indigent Care — $120,000
• County Fire Marshal — $32,533
• Detention and Corrections — $1,161,064
• Juvenile Detention Center — $276,922
• DWI — $119,996
• ASAP Enterprise — $7,500
• Eastern New Mexico Rural Water Authority — $10,000
• Cooperative Extension — $75,664
• Quay County Fair Board — $3,000
• Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce — $800
• Greater Tucumcari Economic Development — $10,000
• USDA Animal Control — $26,000
• Tucumcari Historical Museum — $1,000
• Tucumcari Public Library — $1,000