State launches jistorical Web site

By Martha Frost: Quay County Sun

Anyone who wonders how Tucumcari got its name, or what New Mexico was like in 1842 or what battles took place on the plains can now get their answers online.

A new Web site was launched Thursday by State Historian Estevan Rael-Galvez that will answer these questions — and more, according to Mary Ann Molinas, Tucumcari Public Library’s director.

“This will be great for our genealogy people and help them research their family histories,” said Molinas.

Not only does the Web site showcase New Mexico’s unique history through documents, photography, maps video and interpretation, but it includes a special section of oral histories which can help users dialogue with the past, Rael-Galvez said.

“The New Mexico history Web site project is an interactive and multimedia Web site through which history is made meaningful and accessible to students and people of every age,” Rael-Galvez said.

“Dialogue is critical to this Web site,” he said, adding a discussion forum is also available on the site, which serves to help those with differing cultures, generations and perspectives communicate.

In addition to checking out opinions and facts, some even find the site a way to preserve family history. Former Tucumcari Middle School librarian Cindy Ford’s family has been in Quay County for five generations and she is eager to find out more online, she said.

It also enhances the historical research for her students at the class she teaches at Wayland Baptist College in Clovis.
One will also find four virtual exhibits on the site, designed by folks from New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas and focusing on New Mexico Land Grants, Rael-Galvez said.

Freelance Farm Design collaborated with Rael-Galvez and Assistant State Historian Dr. Dennis Trujillo to launch the site, which was funded by the New Mexico legislature.

Quay County Sun Managing Editor Ryn Gargulinski contributed to this story.