4-H winners honored with buckles and saddles at horse show, rodeo.

By Ryn Gargulinski: Quay County Sun

Valtie Riddle, 17, has won so many saddles in horse shows she said her mom’s going to make a barstool set.

“She has enough for a full set now,” Riddle said, calculating 11 that hang in their barn — nine of her own and two from her brother. Riddle just added one to the set last weekend at the 2005 State 4-H Horse Show and Quay County Rodeo.

Nearly 1,000 Quay County and area folks trotted to the fairgrounds to watch the hundreds of 4-Hers saddle up and buckle down in their bids for the top spots. Top winners in the horse show events get saddles; those in the rodeo get belt buckles.

Riddle, a saddle winner who won the horse show’s Senior All-Around category, said it was her fifth time hitting such a high.

“It was awesome,” Riddle said. “Yes, I get nervous but I pray to God or talk to my best friend.”

She said her horse, Iza, gets nervous, too. “He reads it from me. If I get nervous he gets nervous, so I have to calm down extra.”

At 17, Riddle has one more year to compete in the 4-H show and said she will definitely go for it. After all, she said she has been riding a horse since she was able to keep her head up, surely before she could walk.

On the other end of the spectrum, 10-year-old Rebecca Alden was the all-around saddle winner in the novice category.

Her first time nabbing a saddle, Alden is already planning to use it on her horse Montoya Imagine, with whom she practices pretty much daily.

Of her win, Alden said, “I earned what I need to because of how hard I work. I was really excited and happy; I kind of cried a little,” she said.

The thrills at the rodeo and show are not only in victory, said Brenda Bishop, extension office home economist, but in watching all the 4-Hers work together to put on a grand spectacle.

“Every 4-Her in the county comes, even if they don’t participate (in the show or rodeo),” Bishop said. “They run a concession stand, work the stalls, run the gates. It’s a big, cool event.”

Rodeo secretary Sam Dunlap concurred. “It was a very good rodeo,” he said. “We had 114 contestants from all over the state. We have a great group of kids in New Mexico who come to participate, and the people who put on the show are all volunteers. They go out to make it one of the best rodeos in all of New Mexico.”

4-H horse show event winners (saddle winners) from Quay County:

Halter mares: 3. Becca Alden; 9. Lindsey Jennings
Halter geldings: 2. Valtie Riddle; 3. Jennifer Schallert; 4. Phil Alden; 7. Georgia Mitchell

Showmanship: 2. Becca Alden
Western pleasure: 3. Becca Alden; 6. Bethany Bishop
Novice western horsemanship: 4. Becca Alden; 5. Bethany Bishop
Novice hunter under saddle: 1. Becca Alden
Hunt seat equitation: 5. Becca Alden
Working hunter: 1. Becca Alden
Equitation over fences: 1. Becca Alden
Trail: 1. Becca Alden; 7. Bethany Bishop
Barrels: 7. Becca Alden; 10. Bethany Bishop
Poles: 7. Becca Alden; 10. Brea Valentine

Novice High Point: Becca Alden on Montoya Imagine
Reserve High Point: Johnna Martinez on Jesse

Showmanship: 5. Sami Bauler
Western pleasure: 6. Sami Bauler
Western horsemanship: 7. Sami Bauler
Hunter under saddle: 5. Sami Bauler
Hunt seat equitation: 3. Sami Bauler
Working hunter: 1. Georgia Mitchell
Equitation over fences: 1. Georgia Mitchell
Trail: 8. Sami Bauler
Reining: 1. Georgia Mitchell
Barrels: 5. Lindsey Jennings; 8. Sami Bauler
Poles: 5. Lindsey Jennings

Junior High Point: Julia Roberts on Chic N Zip
Reserve Junior High Point: Morgan Almanza on Thrill to Chill

Showmanship: 3. Valtie Riddle; 9. Desirae Evans
Western pleasure: 1. Valtie Riddle; 7. Jennifer Schallert
Western horsemanship: 3. Valtie Riddle; 9. Jennifer Schallert
Hunter under saddle: 1. Valtie Riddle
Hunt seat equitation: 2. Valtie Riddle; 8. Desirae Evans
Equitation over fences: 1. Leslie Barman
Trail: 6. Desirae Evans
Reining: 5. Valtie Riddle
Barrels: 1. Annie Bauler; 2. Desirae Evans; 6. Valtie Riddle
Poles: 4. Desirae Evans; 8. Valtie Riddle

Senior High Point: Valtie Riddle on Iza Tru Investment
Reserve High Point: Callie Thompson on Zip N Deluxe

4-H rodeo event winners (buckle winners) from Quay County:

Goat tying: 7. Janesa Garcia
Flag racing: 10. Quay Hampton

Steer roping: 5. Seth Barber
Calf touching: 7. Barber; 10. Bobby Lee
Ribbon roping: 7. Lee
Breakaway roping: 10. Roy Hampton
Goat tying: 7. Lindsey Bauler; 8. Hampton

Goat tying: 8. Andrea Ortiz; 9. Annie Bauler
Pole bending: 6. Bauler
Barrel racing: 9. Bauler