8/6 Letter to the Editor

I am concerned that quotations attributed to me in Wednesday’s paper about the proposed horse-race track may have been misconstrued.

I never intended to imply that welfare recipients are likely to become addicted to gambling. My intent was only to say that I am concerned about the welfare of everyone in our community, including the poor.

A good friend of mine tells me he has a quote he gives when he’s asked a question about a controversial topic: “All change is good change, as long as it is handled correctly.”
This is more true than he will ever know, but it is sad we have to come up with a safe quote so as not to hurt our community or business standing.

We all have opinions. With the horse-racing issue, my feelings are mixed.

I apologize for any misunderstanding about the quotes attributed to me and will take responsibility for the way they appeared in print, as I was called by the newspaper editor who read the information that was attributed to me.

I stand on my conviction that emotion is not reflected in print; the words in the paper were not the feelings I was trying to express.

Tucumcari is a great place to live and work and, with the input of our residents, we can bring about a positive change in our community.

Linda Griggs