8/6 Library Books

Tucumcari Public Library – new arrivals

The Right Address by Carrie Karasyov. A flight attendant snares a billionaire divorcee, and is catapulted into the crème de la crème of Park Avenue society.

44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith. Residents of an Edinburgh apartment building are put under the microscope in McCall Smith’s latest book.

Single Wife by Nina Solomon. Solomon’s debut novel about a husband who goes missing and a wife who finds someone she lost—herself.

Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner. The day Cannie Shapiro reads her ex-boyfriends’ published story about their sex life is the day her life changes forever.

Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles. After her father is taken away by Union soldiers, Adair is herself imprisoned on a false charge of spying for the enemy.

The Marrying Game by Kate Saunders. When an English aristocrat dies and leaves his family impoverished, the eldest daughters decide to marry into money to redeem the family fortunes.

Ruby River by Lynn Pruett. A widow’s life is turned upside down when her daughter begins an affair with a married man who later confesses his “sin” to the entire church.
Welcome To Higby by Mark Dunn. The lives of a group of eccentrics in a small Mississippi town cross in various humorous ways.

The Tea House On Mulberry Street by Sharon Owens. Behind the cheesecakes and cappuccinos in an Irish tea house are the stirrings of a revolution that will define lives.

Doing the Right Thing by Roberta Satow. Taking care of your elderly parents even if they didn’t take care of you.

Living Through Breast Cancer by Carolyn Kaelin. What a Harvard doctor and survivor wants you to know about getting the best care, while preserving your self-image.