Former Rattlers were able to mix, reminisce through golfing, barbecue and dancing.

By Martha Frost: QCS staff writer

Tucumcari would have been hard pressed to find an unhappy Rattler this weekend when the 2005 Rattler Reunion came to town.

Kicking off on Thursday night, the three-day gala affair was in its 35th year with more than 500 folks in town just to celebrate their high school memories.

Saturday’s Parade of Classes, complete with cars, jeeps and floats bedecked in streamers, bubbles and decor, was joined by Gov. Bill Richardson who paraded in the leading convertible.

Other highlights of the get-together included getting together. Students were able to mix and reminisce with a variety of events like golfing, barbecue and dancing the night away.

The host class of 1975 put on two finales to seal up the weekend. Their multi-media presentation, In the Mist of a Memory emceed by Jamie Stevenson, included slides and music with a panorama of images of the world around them in high school 30 years ago.

Tucumcari’s current cheerleaders did a rendition of the Tucumcari Fight Song “because the 1975 cheerleaders weren’t able to get their act together,” according to Stevenson, whose father wrote the words to the fight song.

“The Rattler Reunion is awesome,” said Stephanie Shipley Harman, who still lives in Tucumcari, from the Born to Thrive, Class of ‘85. “It is so fun to get together with friends and catch up. We can’t wait for our next reunion,” she said.
Class of 1952’s Marilyn Groat Valoucha, who traveled from her current home in San Antonio, Texas, said it was perhaps her best time yet. “The reunion has been absolutely great this year. We thank all the planners who helped make it so nice.”

Some like Evelyn Plummer McClure of Clovis went beyond her thoughts on the reunion and shared her thoughts of being a Rattler in 1950.

“I think my time in Tucumcari High School was the best anyone could experience. We had excellent teachers who cared for each of us and saw that our entry into college was smooth and easy. Those who went in another direction were well prepared,” Plummer McClure said.

“We had so much fun and really enjoyed the school experience. We may have entered the ‘real world’ in a naive state of mind, but we had principles and a wealth of knowledge, caring, and honest fun behind us.”