Latest Rattler Reunion is always the best of all

By Lynn Moncus: QCS columnist

The 35th Rattler Reunion is now history, but it provided us with many wonderful memories and made us eager to attend again next year. After each of those 35 gatherings, we have proclaimed the last as best and know we will feel the same after the 36th.

The Golden Rattler luncheon was very special to those of us who graduated over 50 years ago as 156 of us came together to eat a delicious meal catered by Del’s Restaurant and were most pleased to be fed and served by Rattlers from much earlier classes. The Rattler Den was abuzz with much visiting during that session as we recalled many experiences from so long ago. We had graduates there from at least 70 years ago, but anyone listening to the conversations would have thought that all of us were in school only yesterday because we shed the years as we reminisced about our years at THS.

We can but hope the host class of 1975 began a new tradition for future reunions when they opened Saturday night’s banquet with The Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer, just as we opened every assembly when we had the freedom to do so. They also reintroduced the song Hail to the Rattlers, and Mr. Stevenson would have been pleased that the group in our section remembered and sang the original words.

We had discussed the changes in the newer rendition of the song and decided we preferred the first version. He would have also been very pleased to listen to Jamie, his son, as he presented a great program in a most polished manner.

The Class of ’75 also decorated the convention center beautifully and let us know we were at a first-class celebration in a first-class facility. Whenever we are surrounded by purple and gold, we know we are at home with our friends and just naturally stand taller as we express our pride in our school and home town.

When over 500 people gather for one meal, we realize how much this area means to us and how much we appreciate our heritage.

As has happened throughout the 35 years, the Rattler Reunion Board certainly worked hard to see that all events went well and that all Rattlers and friends were made welcome. We are aware of all the effort that goes into each reunion and want all people involved to know how much we appreciate all they do to give us an outstanding weekend. Theirs is a most time-consuming job, and to see them doing it so graciously through the years lets us know how much they care about keeping the reunion alive and lively.
Even the weather cooperated this year for a change and allowed us to breathe some cool air instead of sweltering in the heat. We were all delighted to sit in the cool breeze after the shower Thursday evening and were able to remain comfortable from then on.

We’ll be exchanging memories of this reunion until the next one and will be eager to gather again in 2006 to meet and greet even more friends. Until then, we’ll hum Hail to the Rattlers and remain proud of our heritage.