City Commission talks trash, alleys, airport

By Ryn Gargulinski: Quay County Sun

Tucumcari city commissioners spent a good portion of Thursday’s meeting talking trash.

Effective Sept. 15, they said the city will begin heavy enforcement of the Solid Waste Ordinance. This means placing anything besides household trash in the dumpsters is prohibited. Non-household trash items will not be picked up unless special arrangements are made by calling city hall and paying an extra charge, according to City Administrative Assistant Clara Rey.

The Nuisance Ordinance will also be enforced, Rey said. It applies to property owners who do not clean their individual tract of property from the back of the curb to the center of the alley. Rey said anyone caught violating either ordinance will be prosecuted.

On a higher note, Airport Manager Steve Stephenson also gave a presentation to the Commission outlining airport improvements that had been made.

“We got runway lighting and signs to tell the pilots where they’re at and where they’re going,” Stephenson said, adding they also got a new entry road from the county road to the airport, new taxi lanes to the planes’ storage units, a new refueling island and a new turn-around area at the end of one of the runways. Stephenson also mentioned more grant money could be on its way to rebuild and lengthen one of the runways.

“This allows bigger and heavier air airplanes to land at my airport,” Stephenson said, “which brings more possibility of community and economic development. Like the saying goes, ‘You build and they will come.’”

City Manager Richard Primrose said a representative from the Aviation Department has stated that the Tucumcari Municipal Airport is worth $100 million.

The meeting topic came back down to the streets with the announcement that Alex Madrid was recently hired as the new streets and sanitation superintendent and the approval of the artwork — a sketch by Sharon and Doug Quarles — and budget for the North Side Park memorial sign honoring Grace Madrid.