8/20 Tuck’s Turf

August started with a bang when the annual Rattler Reunion Scramble was held on Aug. 5 with players from way back showing they still have the talent to get it into the hole. That reminds me of something important for all of the young players in Tucumcari. A good number of the players returned to the reunion because of the golf experience they had during their school years in this town. I can’t think of a better way to continue relationships throughout your life than to play golf, not only for the chance to improve your education but to continue your friendships throughout your lives. Give it a chance — you have a great facility and weather conditions most of the time.

The Match Play Championship is under way with the first round matches being played this week. I will keep you updated on the results as soon as possible.

During September and October we will be hosting the City Stroke Play Championship tourney which will be 54 holes.
Final details have not been worked out, but a hint: the championship will be decided by the total of 54 holes scratch with no handicap. Then the flights will be by handicap determined by number of entries. The champion will be awarded a copy of the Mayor’s Champion Trophy.

Pointer of the Week — Next time you are close to the putting green, give it a thought of rolling the ball instead of flying the ball. Think about this: How many times have you seen a golf ball fly into the hole? It has a better chance of going into the hole on the ground. Also you can see the break and determine the speed and length more easily.

Rule of the Week — Addressing the ball: A player “addresses the ball” when he has taken his stance and has also grounded his club. Except when in a hazard, a player has addressed the ball when he has taken his stance.

Upcoming events — Wednesday evening scrambles happen each week; club scramble scheduled for 4 p.m. on Sunday. Nite Lite scramble set for Sept. 24.

Also, team matches have been set with Pendaries Village and Black Mesa Resort. Specific dates are listed on the club bulletin board.

Quarter finals of the Match Play are being played this week with results to follow.

Howie Tucker is the golf professional at Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course.