Residents turn out by the hundreds to attend the Quay County Fair.

By Ryn Gargulinski: Quay County Sun

With hundreds attending the Quay County Fair since Tuesday’s kickoff, folks have been riding high on the hog — some of them literally.

Tucumcari’s Jared Jennings, 17, who has been raising and showing pigs since he was 9, said showcasing his specimens was by far his favorite aspect of the fair.

“I like their personalities,” he said his entrants. He said their names are Pig One and Pig Two.

“Pig One is funny and likes to bite,” Jennings said, adding it reminds him of himself. “Pig Two is lazy and reminds me of my sister.”

The livestock exhibit is also the first thing Tucumcari’s Dan Aragon takes his daughter Celeste through every year.

“We love the animals,” he said, adding they raise pigs of their own. Theirs are not for show, he said, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other fair goers were riding high on the rides. The Super Slide was Tucumcari’s Katherine Sena’s favorite, a ride she said she slid down more than a dozen times — and the only one she’ll go on. Not to say Sena didn’t also enjoy the animals. She especially preferred the pigs she said, “because they’re pink.”

Still others were popping balloons or racking up balls in bushels in attempts to win the infamous carnival prizes. San Jon’s Niki Krantz, who took the ride to Tucumcari with her family, said she had already spent $50 to win a gift for her boyfriend. Although swine was on many fair goers’ minds, her prize of choice was a teddy bear with a heart that said “I love you” — not a giant pink pig.

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