9/7 Letters to the editor

Primarily this letter is being written to share some glowing comments and remarks we heard at the Rattler Reunion at the Tucumcari Convention Center. Numerous people were constantly coming up to tell us how impressed they were seeing the Convention Center.

(I wish Lynn Moncus were writing this instead of me. She would do a much better job than I am but here it goes.)

These people came from all over the country. From the East Coast to the West Coast and up north and down south. They had one common observation: Tucumcari, without a doubt, has something they do not see in other cities/towns. It is this fantastic, clean, well-decorated and well-managed Tucumcari Convention Center.

Our hats are off to the city employees, all of them, who maintain and manage the Convention Center.
The spirit of ’76 will prevail when the Class of 1976 is host for the 2006 Rattler Reunion. Go Rattlers!

Marian Farmer Knapp
Class of ‘45”

Regarding Ryn Gargulinski’s column titled “Dog pulled Houdini to find girlfriend:”

The column reported “Scratch/Houdini/Napoleon is currently exiled on a chain tethered to a chain tethered to a leash on a post on a wooden stake near a massive tree…”

It’s my humble and heartfelt suggestion that you free Houdini!

It’s borderline cruel and inhuman (even un-doglike) to tie up an animal when all he’s doing is exercising his God-given right to follow his instincts. My fervent hope is that Gargulinski and her boyfriend will soon soften up and get the dog a friend; that’ll keep him happy. …

Again, I put out the rallying cry, and strongly suggest you heed the call:

Free Houdini!
Free Houdini!
Free Houdini!

Phil Linz
Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.