Cafeteria food fails inspection

QCS staff

Tucumcari Middle School’s Mesa Cafeteria was shut down briefly on Tuesday and food already distributed was thrown away, according to a letter sent to parents from Summit Food Service Management.

The letter states the New Mexico Environment Department found the food was not in compliance after an inspection.

“The serving temperature was below (state) regulations,” said Summit’s Operation Specialist Sue Bilson. “I want to emphasize the food was safe. They came the next day and did another inspection and we passed 100 percent.”

The department allowed a different meal to be prepared and served by the same food service staff on Tuesday.

Sue Bilson and District Manager Sandra Adam explained in the letter that the Mesa Cafeteria is undergoing renovation and the staff has been preparing all meals from the elementary school and then serving them from a temporary serving line at the Mesa Cafeteria.

They said the construction should be finished in the near future, assured parents the meals being served are safe and “the unfortunate circumstances (of Tuesday) will not occur again.”