9/17 Letters to the editor

I recently received a citation in your town for improper seat belt use. I had my seatbelt on but it was rubbing on my neck so I put the shoulder belt under my arm.
I did not know that was a violation that I could get a citation for. … It would have been nice to have received a warning and been told to have a ‘nice day,’ and to come back again.
I often spend the night in Tucumcari on my way from Arizona to the Midwest. On this trip, I spent $45 at the Travelodge Motel, $20 at Dell’s Restaurant, $20 for gas at the Circle K and $15 at K-Bob’s.
However, after this experience I will in the future plan my overnight stay in Amarillo or Santa Rosa and I will tell my friends to do the same.

Eugene Knoll