9/17 Quay personality

Who: Delfino Garcia

This Tucumcari native is a retired rancher and farmer who could also be known as the commodities man.

What does that mean: Garcia is joined by his wife and 12-18 volunteers every month to hand out the government commodities to people in need.

Claim to fame: A purely volunteer position that takes about 12 hours a week, Garcia said commodities distribution involves getting a monthly load of government food and supplies shipped from Clovis for Quay County.

“Sometimes more than 400 people show up,” Garcia said, adding the shipment will not be dropped off unless he has a place to distribute it that is deemed acceptable.

Although he said he was struggling with a location in the past, county and city officials have agreed to let the commodities be distributed in the old armory until at least the first of the year.

“The best part is helping the community,” Garcia said. “Somebody’s gotta do it.”

What he does for fun: “I like to keep busy,” Garcia said, “go fishing when I have the time.” Although he said he’s retired, he can still be found farming his land.

— Compiled by Ryn Gargulinski