9/24 Quay personality

Who: Brian Haines, new preacher at Tucumcari’s Church of Christ.

Claim to fame: Well, maybe not a claim to fame, but certainly a notable fact — Haines used to work in homicide. “I worked law enforcement in Arizona, in the gang and repeat offender bureau,” Haines said, adding he was also a case worker in the homicide division. When asked if the career change was a shock, Haines said, “Not really. I went from man’s law to God’s law.”

His likes: In addition to thoroughly enjoying his preaching vocation, Haines said he loves being around people — especially those in Tucumcari. “I’ve been working with the people here with the church for a while (before he moved from Albuquerque). They are really wonderful people — we love it. Everybody’s just extraordinarily friendly and we have just found a real home.” The “we” in Haines’ case includes his wife Wendi and two children.

His passions: “I’m an avid reader,” Haines said. “You can catch me at the library; I’ve been pestering those poor folks a lot (with books he wants them to carry).” This history buff also said his children get the benefits of his history knowledge — he named his daughter Darya, after Darius the Persian king, and his son’s name is Grant. “I was reading a book on Ulysses Grant at the time.”

Compiled by QCS Managing Editor Ryn Gargulinski