10/1 Quay County critter

Name: Macy, a 10-year-old pug born in Texas
Owner: Tucumcari’s Greta Estes

Claim to fame: In addition to being born on Christmas Day and being a shoo-in for the dog that appears in the movie Men in Black, Estes said Macy was named for New York’s notorious department store. “Dillard’s just didn’t sound right,” said frequent shopper Estes. Macy is also well-known for her socialite skills, Estes said, and can charm anyone’s socks off when she asks for a cookie. “She doesn’t bark, she goes ‘woo woo woo,’” Estes said, adding Macy’s other endearing qualities are her self-sufficiency and her ability to listen. “She has her own little doggie door and goes in and out whenever she wants,” Estes said. “She also keeps me relatively sane, like a little therapist.”

Compiled by QCS Managing Editor Ryn Gargulinski