10/8 Quay Personalities

Who: Abel Cullum
This 18-year-old San Jon High School graduate is a fighter known as “The Silent Assassin.”

Claim to fame: No, Cullum is not the kind of fighter one finds in a Friday night bar brawl, but a fighter who specializes in MMA, or mixed martial arts, which incorporates a variety of styles from kickboxing to Jitsu.

“I love competition,” Cullum said, adding he played football in San Jon and wrestled in Tucumcari. He said he currently fights for King of the Cage and other New Mexico organizations with competitions held about twice a month. He said his record on the amateur fight scene is 6-1. “I don’t like losing,” he said.

What’s with the “Silent Assassin” nickname: “While other guys may be yelling before a fight, I sit quietly and do my meditation,” Cullum said.

His passions: Yes, he likes to fight. He also likes to teach. With most of his training culled from watching videos and practice, this self-taught guy and his father are looking for a building in which Cullum can train other fighters. “Right now we’re pretty much in a garage,” Cullum said.

— Compiled by QCS Managing Editor Ryn Gargulinski