Everybody’s Club gets wet and happy

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

Forrest lady LaNell Leatherwood said there was nothing out of the ordinary at their last club meeting – even though they ended up frolicking atop a fire truck amidst founts of foam and water.

“We didn’t get real wet,” Leatherwood said, “but we played, yes.” In addition to the usual club activities of minutes, lunching and roll call, Leatherwood said they are always having fun at their organization’s meetings.

The organization in question is called Everybody’s Club, the Quay County extension club for Forrest that Leatherwood said is comprised of about 18 gals who range in age from 22 to 80.

And yes, Everybody’s Club is open to everybody. “Most of the men who live around here are farmers (so they work all day),” Leatherwood said. “They could come if they wanted to; we invite them for meals.”

Playing with fire hoses is not the only club activity – nor is Everybody’s Club the only club in the county.

In fact, there are five of such organizations in Quay, all part of the County Extension Home Economics programs. The clubs meet once a month in their various areas – Conchas Dam, Forrest, Logan, Tabosa, Wheatland and San Jon.

In addition to their monthly meetings that include an educational program provided by Extension Home Economist Brenda Bishop, the clubs help out with projects in the community.

Part of Everybody’s Club’s educational activity for September was the hands-on activity with Forrest’s new fire truck, which Leatherwood said worked out grand since the club’s monthly meeting is at the fire house.

“We do things for a children’s home in Portales, a group home in Roswell,” Leatherwood said.

“We do quilting, make little purses out of pockets of old jeans and feather boas; we’ll make wooden things, do decoupage.”

The women in the club are so close, said Leatherwood, who is club treasurer and has been with the gang two years, that they are almost like family.

Well, one of the members is family — Leatherwood’s mom, Carrie Lindsey, has been with the club since 1991 when she retired from teaching.

Does a mother and daughter in the same organization cause for friction?

“Oh, no,” Lindsey said. “I’ve been around her long enough to know she’s got her ways and I’ve got mine.”

In addition to being a stalwart club member, Lindsey’s ways also include being vice president of the district club, which meets six times a year to share what the various clubs are doing around the county.

“We have a friendship day, an international day that all the clubs get together, a cultural arts day,” Lindsey said. She said they also go on a trip of some sort at their May meeting before their summer break.

“You know we’re always looking for new members in any of the clubs,” Lindsey said. “We’re having a ball and we want people to join us.”