Aggie reunion brings back 50 years

By Lynn Moncus: QCS columnist

For a few weeks, we have been visiting about the past in order to lead into just one more special event in the aging process — that of becoming a Golden Aggie from New Mexico State University. Being inducted into that society takes nothing more than longevity, but to many of us, it is an honor.

A few members of the Class of 1955 gathered at the Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces for dinner and visiting last week in order to see each other after all these years and to express our pride in having been among the last to graduate from NM A&MA, that small state college which provided us a sound education and an opportunity to begin to mature. Little did we know we would be together again fifty years later to recall those wonderful days.

Actually, this woman from Ima might not have attended had it not been for the encouragement of Debbie Widger, former Alumni Director at NMSU, who called to tell me all I would miss if I ran to the canyons instead of driving for five hours to Las Cruces. She knows me well enough to know I’m more than a little skittish about attending many social activities and promised to be at most events to see that I would be reasonably comfortable. We became friends before my retirement, and she has kept me informed about campus news since I returned home in 1989. Having a young, caring friend who looks after her elders is a major gift.

As was the case 53 years ago when I was a freshman, I spent much time looking for people from my home area last weekend and was rewarded. First, I saw Travis Nelson from Nara Visa. She is usually one of the first Golden Aggies I see when attend homecoming.

Later, I saw Dr. Joe Wallace, a Golden Rattler as well as a Golden Aggie, and we had a good visit, much like those we had when we both taught on campus. Still later, I saw Maxine Pyeatt Perkins, another Golden Rattler and Golden Aggie. We visited much about our friends from home and our Rattler Reunions.

On Sunday morning, I received a phone call from Robert Faubion, a former student, to tell me of the death of his father on Saturday evening, Carl Faubion, another Golden Rattler and Golden Aggie. Although that was a sad ending for the weekend, it let a lot of us know that Carl had enjoyed two years more than the doctors allotted him and had been with his family and friends during that time.

The Golden Aggie Luncheon was a special occasion for our class because we were inducted into that august body and because we were the youngest Aggies among our elders. We were pleased to receive our certificates and to be honored one last time by other Aggies. We recalled many experiences we had in our youth and remembered many of our favorite professors and few not-so-favorite ones.

Although we had to use our imaginations in order to recognize each other after all these years, we settled into visiting as if we had been together only yesterday and could see each other more clearly as we recalled our experiences. We are now proud Golden Aggies.