The January that was

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

In honor of another 12 months gone by, QCS is compiling a year in review to be published in installments.
To begin at the beginning, it’s time to tromp through January 2005.
Jan. 1: Police said the previous evening’s activities didn’t even raise an eyebrow. “There were hardly any cars out on the street after 10 p.m.,” Patrolman Jason Adams said. “It’s just a matter of people wanting to stay home and be safe.”
Jan. 1: Local woman Cynthia Lee Boykin was arrested at Mountain View Apartments for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, according to a police report.
Jan. 3: School was back in session after the holiday break. San Jon schools’ lineup included new science teacher Steve Goodgame.
Jan. 3: For the second time in 90 days, a police report said another post office box was vandalized. This one had a broken window, the Tucumcari Post Office said.
Jan. 3: Newly-elected Quay County officials were sworn in to their new posts. They included Clerk Ellen White and Commissioner Bill Curry.
Jan. 5: The Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation said they were getting closer to finding a new executive director after losing Ben Kendrick to Hobbs. No names were mentioned as potential replacements.
Jan. 6: A Santa Rosa construction worker was killed on Interstate 40 between Santa Rosa and Tucumcari while he was involved with painting the highway stripes.
Jan. 9: Tucumcari’s Dustin Raines was stabbed seven times on East Turner; the three men charged with attempted murder and armed robbery were Frank Salas Jr., Andrew Gutierrez and Vince Molinas, according to a police report.
Jan. 9: Tucumcari Truck Stop, located on the west end of Route 66, closed for the winter and owner Armand Ortega said he’d rather sell the business than reopen in April.
Jan. 9: The Lady Rattlers basketball team walloped Sandia Prep 52-13.
Jan. 10: Gov. Bill Richardson was in the midst of seeking funds to boost rodeo across the state.
Jan. 11: New Mexico’s 2005 Legislature kicked off a 60-day run to end on March 19. Sen. Clint Harden and Rep. Brian Moore wrote to the paper expressing their views on economic development and how to spend the budget, respectively.
Jan. 12: A meeting with public health officials, local law enforcement and health professionals was held to discuss the needle exchange program. Quay County Public Health Nursing Director Dee Reed said around 1,000 needles were exchanged in December alone.
Jan. 13: Forty-three area high school students and 20 area teachers made Who’s Who Among American High School Students and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.
Jan. 14: Larry Moore took the position of superintendent of county roads, giving up his position as superintendent of city roads.
Jan. 15: A march to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was held at Northside Park.
Jan. 15: Four Rattlers were chosen to play in the all-star football game in June: Chris McCasland, Justin Garcia, Matt Braziel and Steven Taylor.
Jan. 16: The Tucumcari High School wrestling team finished fifth in a tournament in Albuquerque.
Jan. 19: The spring session of Story Time kicked off at the Tucumcari Public Library.
Jan. 24: A meeting was held by the state’s Project Manager Joe Garcia to quell residents’ concerns about the proposed retention pond on the 1100 block of Rankin Ave.
Jan. 25: Tucumcari stabbing victim Dustin Raines went missing from an Albuquerque hospital, according to Quay County District Attorney Ron Reeves.
Jan. 26: Three Tucumcari Rattler football players were named all-state: Justin Garcia, Eric Holt and Chris McCasland.
Jan. 27: The New Mexico Board of Pharmacy was planning to monitor cold medications more closely, as one of the main ingredients can be used to make methamphetamine.
Jan. 28: A rhea hen was stolen from the Floeck Country Ostrich, Emu and Rhea Ranch northeast of town, said ranch owner Lea Floeck.
Jan. 29: Center Street Methodist Church held “The Praying Hand Healing Seminar” to help people walk in healing, Assistant Pastor Sue Mortensen said.
Jan. 30: Tucumcari public schools were named in a lawsuit alleging official failed to properly notify Santa Fe Schools of molestation allegations against a former teacher.