Year in review: February 2005

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

In honor of another 12 months gone by, QCS is compiling a year in review to be published in installments.
February 2005 contained the following news.
Feb. 1: Election day for school board members. San Jon Schools had already decided they were keeping Superintendent Craig Stockton for three more years.
Feb. 2: La Casa de la Hope, prior to its renaming later in the year, reopened its doors after an intensive remodeling.
Feb. 3: Tucumcari police were planning to use $10,000 in grant money to help train more officers to use the department’s computerized record keeping system.
Feb. 4: Floeck’s Country Ostrich Ranch started selling its ostrich eggs on eBay.
Feb. 5: The New England Patriots were favored over the Philadelphia Eagles by 66 percent of readers in a Web poll.
Feb. 6: Word was out Gigi Parker won a cooking contest at the Holiday Inn’s Branding Iron Restaurant with her Ostrich Diane recipe. Parker said ostrich tastes like beef.
Feb. 7: The Altrusa International of Tucumcari announced they would use their $1,710 grant from Comcast for the Outdoor Classroom project at Tucumcari schools.
Feb. 8: Altrusa gathered up and donated roughly 30 bags of goodies to displaced children in their We Care project.
Feb. 8: The Tucumcari stabbing victim who disappeared from the hospital in mid-January was found at a relative’s house in Mississippi, police said.
Feb. 9: House held a Community Empowerment Day showcasing local arts and crafts as well as a presentation about services available for senior citizens.
Feb. 9: A woman came to the Tucumcari Police Department and said a neighbor allegedly threatened to “pour gasoline on her home and burn it down,” according to a police report. The report adds the woman said the neighbor was angry because she raked things into his yard.
Feb. 10: Marty Garcia told city commissioners at a meeting the city’s general fund was below New Mexico requirements.
Feb. 11: Local school board members attended a two-day, state-sponsored Board Member Institute in Santa Fe.
Feb. 11: Tucumcari Middle School teachers took on the Tucumcari High School teachers in a battle of basketball, winning 35-25.
Feb. 12: The Rattlers hosted a district wrestling tournament.
Feb. 13: A Tucumcari parent was saying he wanted officials to change their “too harsh” policies for a season-long suspension for high school athletes caught using drugs or alcohol, even if it’s their first time. School officials stood firm in their decision as THS Principal Gary Salazar said, “We are not here to crucify these kids, but we have to follow our policy.”
Feb. 14: Tucumcari Middle School student Ashley Lopez, 13, entered the University of New Mexico Medical Center to undergo chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but not without support. Lopez said, “I didn’t realize there were so many people who care about me. Some of the people I didn’t think cared about me, but I’ve found out they do.”
Feb. 14: The city met with the county to discuss integrating their EMS and 911 dispatch services into one Enhanced 911.
Feb. 14: The Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital Auxiliary presented a check to the hospital administrator for the $10,000 they raised to benefit the hospital.
Feb. 16: The week’s forecast was rain, rain, rain.
Feb. 16: Tucumcari’s Nur Badshah, M.D., owner of Badshah Surgical Clinic, made it into the 2005-2006 edition of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals.
Feb. 17: Senator John Ryan was pushing legislation to mark Feb. 17 as Extension Service Day. No word was given if workers would get the day off.
Feb. 18: Five Tucumcari Middle School students and one Conchas Middle School student were heading to leadership conferences in Washington, D.C. They were Corinne Lauriault, Lauren Chacon, Kristen Rich, Cole Cooper, Casey Romero and Conchas’ Sara Miller.
Feb. 19: A fire destroyed half a mobile home on Harmon Street. Police said no one was injured; the owner was not home.
Feb. 20: The Lady Rattlers basketball season ended with a loss to Clayton.
Feb. 22: A bomb threat hit Tucumcari High School, causing students to evacuate for about 90 minutes. No bomb was found.
Feb. 22: The Quay Council for Arts and Humanities kicked off a series of four events, starting with a presentation of Tom Sawyer.
Feb. 22: The Rattlers basketball season ended with a loss to Santa Rosa.
Feb. 23: Talk of a Tucumcari railroad spur heated up with the news Gov. Bill Richardson’s 2006 capital outlay plan committed $1.3 million to Quay County for that purpose.
Feb. 24: At the request of some local parents, Tucumcari High School held a meeting in which Police Cpl. Darrick Shaw informed parents about teenage drug use and how to spot it.
Feb. 25: Three Tucumcari High School wrestlers placed at state: Brian Lopez, Justin Garcia and Michael Baca.
Feb. 25: Tucumcari High School students got to job shadow at places like the city’s hospital, library, airport and elementary school, just to name a few.
Feb. 25: The Logan Longhorn basketballers took the district four title, beating Grady 70-55.
Feb. 26: Tucumcari’s Housing Authority Director Robert Pacheco said public housing residents will soon have to take four hours of housekeeping training if the messes were just as messy after the next scheduled inspection.
Feb. 27: A number of offices around town had holes in their windows. It appeared they were being bombarded with a sling shot, police said.