Conchas club’s holidays full of activity, excitement

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

Local shoppers, businesses and residents aren’t the only ones feeling the frenzy of the holidays, said Conchas Extension Club’s Carol Berryhill. In fact, she said their club is busier than ever – but more excited than overwhelmed.

“Christmas is just around the corner and a lot needs to be done before then,” Berryhill said, adding a lot already has.

Their annual Christmas tree and nativity display is already in place at the Y on Highway 104 in Conchas Dam, she said. New this year is a donated sleigh that stands among the regular cast of characters.

“Last year someone destroyed our display, so we have been quite busy making shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus along with angels and snowmen,” she said, adding the display will stay up – hopefully despite the wind – until early January.

Berryhill also mentioned the recent success of their annual crafts sale. Students were able to amass shopping money with the “reading credits for gifts” program that gives each kid $1 credit for each hour he or she reads.

“This has been a very popular program for over 20 years,” she said. So popular, she said, that 22 kids came from West Las Vegas to buy goodies and gifts.

Another shopping extravaganza was their annual handmade items sale, she said.

“Many come to get one-of-a-kind gifts, not available anywhere else,” she said, with items made at the Book Exchange, another event sponsored by the club. She said more than 15,000 books, 500 video tapes and more than 300 audio tapes are available for exchange to anyone who wishes and they also accept donations.

The Christmas lighting contest, held at dark on Dec. 18, is another event sponsored by the Conchas Extension Club, with prizes given for first through third places and additional prizes from winners chosen by Farmer’s Electric.

Christmas isn’t the only holiday for which the club sponsors events, they are also involved in the annual July 4 picnic and year-round community endeavors, she said.

“We baked over 108 dozen cookies for the 70th anniversary of the commission to build our dam,” Berryhill said.
On the publication end, the Conchas Extension Club sponsors and publishes the monthly Lake News and Views, started by club member Berthold Davis and celebrating 23 years of existence this month.

When they take a moment to breathe, Berryhill said, the club will also be updating their Welcome to Conchas booklet they give out to all new residents for info on local businesses and events in the area.