Pass the decorations and the salt, please

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

The Nottingham Fair is in town – along with a cast of Disney characters, angels and teddy bears all donned in holiday fare. There’s even indoor ice skating. Of course, it only works if one is about one inch tall, as the ice rink and carnival are among the dozens of miniatures and holiday decorations decking the halls at Del’s Restaurant on Route 66.

“I started with outdoor decorations to make my son’s Christmas special at our home,” said Yvette Peacock, co-owner of Del’s with her sister Yvonne Braziel. Peacock, who said Del’s has been decking their halls since the sisters took over the business in 1995, is the official collection keeper of the décor.

Peacock said she’s long lost track of just how many Christmas decorations they have now amassed, but she can say it is enough to have their own warehouse.

“We try to mix it up, to give people something new to look at,” she said of the restaurant’s holiday trimmings which don’t stay stagnant each year. In fact, some things never even make it out to the shelves, like a giant, heavy teddy bear that will spending this holiday season in storage. There’s just not enough room, she said.

Not that the giant teddy is missed, as there are dozens of his smaller cousins upon which to gaze.

The bears also happened to be Krystal Smith’s favorite decoration as she dined at Del’s last week with her mom.

“They relax you,” she said of the cozy cuddly bears in the east room of the restaurant. When asked what the holiday trimming evokes for mom, Jeanne Smith, she replied, “It tells me what I still have to do (to decorate) at home.”

Not only do Del’s decorations inspire awe and motivation, they also appreciate in value, Braziel said. Some of the Disney characters purchased years ago at $25 now go for hundreds on eBay, she said.

Braziel, who will admit to liking the ornaments and bears done up in winter white, will also admit she is somewhat relieved when all the decorations come down on Jan. 1.
“I like to keep things clean,” Braziel said. “You can’t sweep under these things.”

What: All kinds of Christmas decorations
Where: Inside at Del’s; outside at Kix restaurants on East Route 66
When: On display now through Jan. 1.