Year in review: Oct. 2005

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

In honor of another 12 months gone by, QCS is compiling a year in review to be published in installments.
October 2005 was crawling with the following news.

Oct. 1: The first ever Route 66 flea market was selling out at the convention center parking lot. Goodies for sale included ancient keys, toy guns, live parakeets and a mysterious box, soon found out to be an old-time nail stripper.
Oct. 1: Quay County extension club’s Back to the Table campaign kicked off, designed to get families to eat healthier and together.
Oct. 2: National 4-H week was in full gear, to run through Oct. 9.
Oct. 3: The wild West was reported as still thriving when wildlife specialist Ron Jones gave a presentation to Quay commissioners the prior week to explain how Wildlife Services still had a lot of animals they were called on to eradicate – like coyotes, skunks and even pack rats.
Oct. 4: A blazing $32,804 was awarded to the Logan Volunteer Fire Department from the Department. of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, according to U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingamen. Earlier this year, two Logan firefighters were deployed to Hurricane Katrina territory.
Oct. 7: Local man Alan Bugg died of the West Nile Virus. Wife Catherine Bugg was determined to increase awareness of the virus throughout the United States, and beyond.
Oct. 7: The Rattler footballers extended their winning streak to seven after trouncing Dexter 56-18.
Oct. 8: Tucumcari’s Joe Valverde finally graduated high school — after 56 years, two wars and five children — receiving his high school diploma at the age of 73.
Oct. 13: San Jon’s annual carnival was taking center stage, raising funds for San Jon Schools with a 2005 theme of Fairy-Toons, combining fairy tales and cartoons. “We’ll have a lot of different floats from the Dukes of Hazard cartoon to Finding Nemo to the Disney reunion,” said San Jon senior JaTawn Slutz.
Oct. 14: The Quarles’ mural behind Dunn’s Funeral Home entitled Blessed and centerpieced with an angel was finally completed.
Oct. 14: The Rattlers ran away with the first district football game, slaughtering Clayton 63-0.
Oct. 14: Logan Longhorns saw a homecoming victory against the San Jon Coyotes 54-6.
Oct. 15: Domestic violence made the front page, revealing another victim of an abusive relationship is battered every 15 seconds and where victims can get help.
Oct 15: Altrusa’s annual car party drove in hundreds of people with a Rodeo Roundup theme and local upholsterer Bobby Dominguez snapping a seat belt on in the grand prize — a brand new truck.
Oct. 16: Kiwanis member R.H. Hale, 81, was honored at a club meeting for 51 years of perfect attendance.
Oct. 17: Cowboy Clyde Shepherd ambled away with the annual Buck Ramsey Heritage Award earlier in the month, which proclaims its recipient a true cowboy.
Oct. 21: Patrick Wiegel, 13, was injured following the Rattlers football game when a flag he was taking down behind the press box touched an overhead electric wire. He was hospitalized for several days but was recovering well afterwards, said a family friend.
Oct. 22: Make a Difference Day brought a total revamping of the Pioneer Senior Center’s library, thanks to the stalwart efforts of Tucumcari’s Altrusa club.
Oct. 22: Mesalands Community College saddle bronco rider Chance Towner was hospitalized after a horse stepped on him during a rodeo in Lubbock, the final rodeo of the season. Towner suffered three broken ribs and a lacerated liver and would remain hospitalized for about a week, the college said.
Oct. 23: Red Ribbon Week began, a drug awareness campaign that came complete with a door decorating contest at Tucumcari schools and other activities throughout the county.
Oct. 24: The convenience store Circle K was in the midst of negotiations which would result in their purchase of two Chevron/Winner’s stores on First Street.
Oct. 26: A feature featured Forrest’s Everybody’s Club, an extension club that held regular meetings for, quite aptly, everyone who wanted to join. Their latest included a demonstration of the area’s new fire truck — where they got to frolic atop the vehicle amidst founts of foam and water.
Oct. 29: Mississippi cowboy Clifford Bowden found his way to Tucumcari — and the front page of the paper. He said he went from having nothing in the hurricane ravaged town of Poplarville, Miss., to having a job, car, home and girlfriend after several weeks in town.
Oct. 29: The Red Ribbon carnival at the Quay County fairgrounds took center stage all day and included dozens of participants and a haunted house.
Oct. 29: Columnist Lynn Moncus discussed how aging cannot be taught — to learn it one has to do it.
Oct. 30: Quay County folks were reminded to reset their timepieces to clock in the end of daylight savings time.
Oct. 31: Halloween.