Rattlers upset top-ranked 3A Portales

By Albert Trujillo: QCS

Varsity player Nathan McDonald scored 18 points Tuesday, leading the 2A Rattlers in their upset of the top ranked Portales Rams by a final score of 55-48.

Action began with the Rams taking an early lead at the end of the first quarter, with 14-12.

In the second period the Rattlers outscored the Rams 14-8 to take a lead at intermission. Halftime score was Rattlers 26 to the Rams’ 22.

Second half action saw the Rams down by two, 35-37, going into the final period.

In the fourth quarter the Rattlers were able score on easy buckets, breaking the Rams half court trap and defeating the Rams by 13 points.

Drew White added 17 points for the Rattlers; Portales’ Daniel Arandas’ 12 points and Chris Adkins’ 8 points weren’t enough to stop the Tucumcari Rattlers.

In the junior varsity game the Rams were able to hold off the Tucumcari Rattlers by the score of Rams 48 to the Rattlers’ 39.
The Rattlers were able to keep the game close throughout the contest despite the height advantage the Rams had.

At intermission the score was Rams 26 and Rattlers 24.
The third period was the killer for the Rattlers as they were outscored 12-4 by the Rams. Aric Trujillo led all scorers with 15 points, and Curtis Simpson added 10 points in the Rattler loss.

Todd McBroom scored 9 points while Skyler Partin hit for 7 points in leading the Rams past the Rattlers.