2/4 Notable notes

Voters’ registration deadline Tuesday

Tucumcari residents need to be registered by Tuesday to be eligible to vote in the city’s municipal elections on March 7, according to a release from the city clerk.
For information, call the clerk’s office at 461-3451.
Changes and registration can be done at the following locations:

Quay County clerk’s office
Tucumcari city clerk’s office
Tucumcari Public Library
Mesalands Community College
Quay County health office
Department of Motor Vehicles
Wells Fargo Bank
Citizens Bank
First National Bank of New Mexico
Everyone’s Federal Credit Union
Tucumcari Federal Savings and Loan

Parent conferences held at schools

Parent/teacher conferences were held last week for all three Tucumcari schools. School officials said any parent who did not get to attend should call to schedule one.

Tucumcari High School: 461-3830
Tucumcari Middle School: 461-2310
Tucumcari Elementary School: 461-8460 for K-2; 461-8461 for 3-5