Cowboy boots make the sale

By Baxter Black: QCS columnist

These are the boots of a salesman, specifically an ag sales rep. And they’ve taken me a million miles sellin’ to people who feed the world.

Which makes me part of somethin’ good, somethin’ bigger than myself. Everybody’s good at somethin’; farmers, vets, cowboys, dairymen — and me. I can sell. I can sell rubber boots to a Bedouin, sunglasses to a mole.

I can talk my way up from a C+ to a B-.

People buy from people, especially in our business. Which places the obligation on me to deliver what I promise and be there after the sale. My company has to be there for me, too, and it’s my duty to ride for the brand.

Somethin’ else these boots are made for — waiting, in the milk barn, the feedlot office, the shop, the vet’s waiting room or the mud porch. A good salesman has patient boots.

I’ll let you in on a secret — these boots love the road! That’s hard to explain to your family and friends. But each trip is a fresh start, a new day.

Travel lets you put the grumpy clients, snarly sales managers, late expense reports and last weekend in the trade show booth out of mind. The miles give you time to formulate your plan for the next sale. If you could only be as good with the customer as you are in the front seat of your car!

So here I sit waiting for my next appointment, fliers in hand, elbows on knees, boot toe tappin’, tickin’ like a $2 watch, tuned and ready to put it all on the line one more time, and I’m bettin’ on me.

Yup, these boots fit me just fine.