Quay may expect $33 million, statesman said

By Ryn Gargulinski: QCS

Quay County will be rolling in the money — nearly $33 million — if the request from State Rep. Brian Moore, R-Clayton, comes through as he said he expects.

This one-time capital investment fund from the state will go to help pay for a number of projects throughout Quay County, according to a release from Moore’s office.

Tucumcari could be topped with monies for improvements for its streets, sidewalks, water, wastewater, solid waste equipment, funding for a kidney dialysis unit and perhaps even the swimming pool and Five Mile Park restoration.

Logan could be lavished with funds for its fire station, sewer system, road repair, landfill equipment and land acquisition for water and sewer, the release said.

San Jon could be swimming in funds for its wastewater system, fire truck, emergency services equipment and senior center, the release added, while House could look at monies toward a school bus and a senior center.

The release also said some of the funds should be put toward the Arch Hurley Conservancy District and the remodeling of Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital.

Moore requested $12 million of the Quay total just for the North American Wind Research Training Center, the release said, and some monies for the New Mexico State University Science Center.

Additional monies to go to county priorities include funding for Quay road equipment, facility improvements and the ag/education center building.

“The legislature has done a good job ensuring that our tax dollars are spent equitably around the state and not just on projects to benefit only a few,” Moore said. “I’m hopeful that we will be able to secure funding for some large and important projects in northeastern New Mexico.”

Quay is not the only county for which Moore requested capital investment funding, the release said. His request covered the entire span of House District 67 which includes five other counties — Union, Harding, Curry, San Miguel and Roosevelt.

“The whole district request was over $140 million,” Moore said, adding, “Whew.”

“Every year is a little different, but I suspect we won’t see actually who gets what until the last day of session.”