Candidate close-up: Lafferty

By James Lafferty: Guest columnist

In the next 30 days, five individuals will be working to earn your confidence.

The candidates will be communicating their desire to represent you on the city commission.

As a district five candidate with 15 years city government
experience, I would like to take this opportunity to express my view of city government and its operation.

The city of Tucumcari has 130 employees. The employee payroll commitments are a large portion of the budget. With this percentage being so high, commissioners must remember that every budget decision could possibly have an effect on the employees. These individuals are our families, friends and neighbors. The employees are a valuable asset. Every effort should be made toward the continued enhancement and increased diversity of our work force.

Tucumcari operates on a $16.8 million budget. The city commission is charged with ensuring that all the resources are managed in a responsible and effective manner.

To do this, a solid system of accountability must be established and this includes the responsibilities of the commissioners.

It is my belief that each district commissioner should represent their district with the priority being the future of the entire community.

The success of any commissioner relies on his or her ability to establish a working relationship with fellow commissioners and staff.

They must possess the courage to make the tough decisions when necessary. A team concept is required for our community to move forward.

I would appreciate your vote and support on March 7. Let’s demonstrate that the operation of our city government is important to district five and that we intend to play an active part in our future.

We can do this with a record turn-out at the polls.

James Lafferty is running for Tucumcari city commissioner in district five.
All city candidates are invited to write, in 300 words or less, a brief synopsis of their intentions if elected.