School passes information through Internet

By Ryn Gargulinski: Quay County Sun

With nearly a century’s worth of experience in education sitting at one table, Tucumcari school officials held an informational meeting Feb. 2 to pass that information along to area parents.

Schools Superintendent William Reents was joined by principals Susan Montoya from the high school; Roberta Segura from the middle school and Tucumcari Elementary’s Theresa Salazar.

One item of note is helpful, easy to use and and chock full of information — but not many parents take advantage of it, Reents said.

It’s the Tucumcari Schools Web site, accessible at, where registered parents can check on grades, attendance and other information about their kids and the school.

To register, all parents need to do is visit their child’s school and fill out a form. Students from a single household who attend different schools can be registered in a single visit to one of the schools.

Testing was another issue they stressed parents need to know about.

The big criterion-referenced test (CRT) administered by the state is coming up from Feb. 27 through March 9, they said. These exams gauge the average yearly progress, or ARP, of students in language arts, math and science.

All three schools will be tested in the mornings during this time and the education mavens gave tidbits of advice on how parents can best prepare their kids.

“Make sure they eat breakfast,” Salazar said, adding the students will be fed again once they get to school to ensure hunger is not a distraction. She said it would also be wise to lay out clothes the night before so the morning is less stressful without the worry of running around to find the other shoe.

Segura said to take it seriously but not to freak out.

“I just ask them to do their best,” she said.

Montoya said there is really no way to cram for the exam, but it’s based on what students have been learning all year. “This is where attendance plays a factor,” she said.

Salazar concluded, “This is important for the students, important for the schools.”